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Equal Agtron Scale

Equal Agtron Scale

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New Product: Equal Coffee Agtron Scale

**Transforming Roasting Practices**
The Agtron Scale revolutionizes coffee roasting by moving away from traditional visual cues. It provides precise measurements of coffee beans and grounds, ensuring confidence in roasting levels. Alongside the SCA-standard Agtron value, roasting levels are identified by their names, such as "City" and "French Roast."

**SCA Agtron Standard**
Endorsed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the Agtron value measures the roasting degree of coffee with unmatched accuracy using near-infrared technology. This allows adherence to SCA Cupping Standards.

**Equal Coffee Agtron Scale: A Digital Coffee Roast Degree Measuring Device

** The Equal Coffee Agtron Scale digitally assesses and displays the roasting degree of coffee beans and grounds. Simply place the coffee into the Equal Coffee Agtron Scale and press a button. The roasting level is measured and displayed in seconds. It shows both numerical Agtron values and familiar roast names, making it easy for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

**Versatile and Accurate**
The Equal Coffee Agtron Scale offers two measurement modes—one for whole beans and one for grounds—allowing roasters to easily gauge consistency. Unlike traditional methods relying on visual assessment, the Equal Coffee Agtron Scale uses near-infrared technology to accurately measure roasting levels based on the Maillard reaction, caramelization, and carbonization.

**Compact and Convenient**
This palm-sized device is suitable for both commercial and home use, providing precise measurements without bulky equipment. Its compact design and quick measurement capabilities were well-received at SCAJ2023, one of Asia's largest coffee festivals. The Equal Coffee Agtron Scale impressed industry professionals with its ease of use and accurate Agtron value displays. 

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