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Equal Coffee Filter | 2packs | Shipping worldwide | Non-woven coffee filter

Equal Coffee Filter | 2packs | Shipping worldwide | Non-woven coffee filter

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"Equal Coffee Filter"
Non-woven coffee filter paper

Equal Coffee Filter is a pour-over non-woven coffee filter designed with a unique structure. It was designed to be used by a wide range of people, from baristas aiming to become champions to those just starting out with coffee.

During the steaming period, steam the rice appropriately to achieve a golden steam.This creates a smooth flow inside the dripper and prevents it from clogging, thus avoiding any extra flavor that may be extracted in the latter half of the drip. In addition, the finely adjusted layer cuts out the differential that causes undesirable taste.When combined with a high-speed dripper, the flow speed becomes even smoother.

Experienced baristas can use this filter to develop recipes they couldn't create before, and those new to coffee can use it to prevent side leaks and cover up drip failures.
It cuts out harshness, astringency, and miscellaneous flavors, clearly expressing the original taste of beans, bringing out their potential, and bursting with aroma.

Please enjoy a new coffee experience.

Unbleached - Conical
1-2Cups 30filters / 1pack
2 packs

Shipping worldwide

▪️Seeking Distributors
Equal Coffee is looking for distributors to sell in your country's market. Please contact us for more details. The person in charge will contact you.

-Equal Coffee Filter 5 features-

1. Proper steaming and smooth flow
Enhances the steaming effect, smoothing out the second half of drips caused by filter clogging. Proper steaming solves the problem of excessive extraction of excess bitterness, miscellaneous taste, acrid taste, and astringency.

2. Stable and uniform extraction with uniform fibers
Developed to make the fibers uniform in order to improve the uneven texture and density of the fibers, which can cause unstable extraction. Furthermore, by controlling the size of the eyes, stable and uniform extraction is achieved.

3. Channeling prevention structure
The "driper-like filter" prevents channeling from occurring due to the structure that prevents coffee from escaping, and catches even coffee powder from uneven grinding and coffee caused by failed drips without escaping, leading to smooth extraction. ``Coffee that tastes good even when it's cold'' is proof of that. Even those who are new to coffee can easily make drip coffee.

4. Clear and balanced original taste of coffee
Stable extraction produces coffee with a well-balanced taste. It suppresses the unpleasant taste to a minimum and clearly brings out the original flavor of the beans.

5. Beautiful form
An elegant appearance that looks like spread wings. Not only is it functional, but it also adds color to the drip space and makes it look beautiful.
[For those who have just started coffee]
At Equal Coffee, we designed a filter that would be easier for home users to drip coffee and meet the demands of baristas. We want to create a filter that is easy and safe to use, suppresses unpleasant tastes, harsh tastes, and astringency, and fulfills its original role of clearly bringing out the original taste of beans.

The Equal Coffee Filter is designed to keep the first half of the drip steaming firmly while preventing clogging, and minimizes extraction mistakes by avoiding excess flavor, harshness, and astringency in the second half. Therefore, even those who are new to coffee can easily brew delicious coffee, and it is also suitable for extracting specialty coffee that requires delicate coffee extraction.

[For experienced baristas]
Designed with emphasis on extraction stability and extraction efficiency.
If you are an experienced barista, I think you will be able to try out new recipes by trying this filter. We believe that it will be easier to try various extraction methods and achieve the desired extraction.

We hope that your coffee life will be enriched.

▫️Development story
' Equal Coffee Filter' was born after several years of research in a small coffee studio where several coffee experts gathered together.

We reviewed the filter material and adopted now-woven fabric, which makes it easy to maintain uniformity and control the density of the mesh, in order to achieve stable extraction and the extraction speed and efficiency that researchers are aiming for. I have arrived at this.

While taking advantage of the characteristics of this material, we also take into account the factors that affect drip, such as the density of the filter's fibers, the smooth flow of the entire extraction process, how well the coffee drains, the removal of extra unpleasant tastes and harsh tastes, the oil content of the coffee, etc. We repeatedly verified tests and prototypes while incorporating the opinions of baristas and experts, focusing on fine powder, ventilation, flow velocity, etc.

As a result of repeated research, we have succeeded in controlling the shape and density of the original layered structure using our own special technology, improving the stability of extraction, and achieving the extraction speed and efficiency we aimed for. (Patented) A filter that brings out the best of coffee beans to the fullest, with a well-balanced balance of sourness, sweetness, and bitterness, enriching your coffee life.

▪️Tips for effective use
Step 1. Open the filter over the dripper and hold it open with your index finger and thumb.
Step 2. Place coffee grounds in the center of the filter, the weight of the grounds will stabilize the filter.
Step 3. Lightly tap the side of the dripper to level the powder surface.
Step 4. Start extraction

Enjoy a special coffee time that can only be obtained with this filter.

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