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Tarachine dripper color : Black

Tarachine dripper color : Black

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Tarachine dripper | Conical 30 Single Coffee Dripper | Overseas distributor general contact 

Conical 30 Single Coffee Dripper
Made in Japan

Material: AS resin
Color: clear black
Size: W100mm x H110mm x D100mm
Accessories: 3 paper filters
Measuring spoon

Overseas distributor general contact | Equal Coffee
Please contact Equal Coffee for wholesale inquiries.

The Conical 30 Single Coffee Dripper is designed with a 30-degree cone angle, allowing you to brew a rich and flavorful cup of coffee even with a single serving. Traditional coffee drippers typically have a 60-degree angle, which results in a lower height of coffee grounds when brewing a single cup, leading to a less flavorful coffee. By reducing the dripper's angle to 30 degrees, the Conical 30 ensures that even a small amount of coffee grounds achieves sufficient height, producing a delicious, full-bodied coffee.

If you would like to become a distributor, please contact Equal Coffee.

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